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Vintage Car Models:
A Collectors Dream


 Why Collect Antique & Vintage Car Models?

Whether your interests lie with antique era vehicles, hot rods, vintage race cars or the muscle car era, very few of us can realize our dream of owning a fleet of fully restored vintage cars. But it is easy and fun to acquire a collection of vintage car models.

Most vintage car enthusiasts or hobbyists would like to have a collection of their own. This would most likely be a real vintage car collection, if possible. But do you have the kind of wealth built by railroads, software empires or popular late-night talk shows, or some other empire that can finance such a huge enterprise?

If not - join the crowd!

Owning vintage car models would be closer to the real thing than just a dream. Your collection of vintage car models allows you to appreciate more your passion for antique cars and hotrods.

You can treasure your models of vintage cars, display and show them off. At the same time you're having fun, you can study and learn more about the make and model of each type of vintage vehicle. 


Cost & Value Of Vintage Car Models

Antique car models are great decorations in a home or office. But make no mistake - while more affordable than the real antique vehicle, just because they are only models does not always mean that they don’t cost much.

Some vintage car models are also vintages or antiques in their own right. Some are from the same era as the cars they are replicating and can command a considerable amount of money. Vintage car models in exceptional or mint condition can cost thousands of dollars. With that price, you don't think of them as mere toys.

Die-Cast Metal Vs. Plastic Car Models

Many of these vintage car models are made from die cast metal. Plastic models were unheard until recent decades. Even now, limited edition models are generally made from metal to allow them to last longer and retain value. This way, they can be worth something in the future as well as feel more substantial today.

Also, the price of the model is not just based on how old it is and how good its condition. Another consideration would be the vintage car model's design and detailing.

Authentic Design & Detailing Of Vintage Car Models

Some vintage car models are highly detailed and have different movable parts attached together. In this small size, they can be hard to build and msut be produced manually. 

These details provide an intricate authenticity to the model, however. They are scaled exactly to the proportions of the car so you can have a general idea of what they really look like in their true-to-life size.

The more detailed the antique car model, the higher the price it can command, as with any other type of valued model.



Buy Antique Era Cars & Vintage Car Models Online

Usually, vintage car models can be found in hobby stores and collectible stores. Occasionally you might find them in estate sales or print advertisements. You may prefer hands-on, but this is the old fashioned way of looking for vintage car models. Sometime you can also find models of every era of car at car shows.

Not having a car show, or hobby or collectible store in your area is no longer a big obstacle to growing your collection. To find a specific or particular vintage car model, all you need to do is log on to the internet.

On the world-wide-web, you can look in the search engines such as to find numerous collectibles and hobby retail websites selling anything and everything your heart desires. You can often get good deals and discounts.

Withing having to leave your home or office, today you can do a thorough search for the different vintage car models and other antique car memorabilia. Even better, you can join clubs and forum on the internet and be always informed without having to make a trip to the store or a club meeting. 

Auction sites such as are great sources for all  collectibles, including models of antique cars.

  • Want an AMT Hemi Studebaker drag Car Vintage Model Kit?
  • How about a Vintage 1966 Pontiac GTO Hardtop Car Model Kit?
  • Or a Vintage 32 Ford Monogram Rat Rod Model Car Kit 1/8 1932?
  • Or a SIKU Model Car Cadillac V265 Vintage German 1/64 H11?
  • Maybe you'd prefer a LEGO Model Car Toy Truck Vintage German 1/87 H1?

The above is a tiny sample of the variety listed in eBay auctions while this article was being written - 502 vintage car model auctions total at this moment. On eBay, collectors sell every sort of vintage car model you can imagine. If the one you're looking for isn't listed today, check back tomorrow or next week.


Vintage Model Car Collection -
Better Than The Real Thing?

Your vintage car model collection may not be the next best thing to
owning your own fleet of fully restored vintage cars. But then again, it may be better ...

  • Better on your wallet
  • Antique car models don't need to be polished
  • Vintage car models don't require gas
  • Antique car models take less space and are more fun to display
  • And consider the never-ending thrill of the hunt for yet
    another true replica or model of a prized antique car.