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Learn The Basics of Vintage
Car Troubleshooting


 Worry About Breakdown In Your Antique Car?

It's never fun having mechanical trouble when driving somewhere. What if you decided to take your beloved vintage car out for a spin, then along the way you experienced some car trouble? Your fears may be greater than with your modern car.

It may just be a simple problem, but because you don’t know what to do, you may have to call a tow truck, and you worry about damage to your antique car.

Then at the garage, you may receive a bill for hundreds of dollars after some specialized mechanic looks at it, when maybe it turns out to be a simple repair required to get you back on the road, showing off your beautiful vintage car to the passers-by. 

You can spare yourself all the trouble, worry and expenses, too, by learning some basic vintage car troubleshooting.

Antique Car Repairs Are Different

You may assume that because vintage cars have simpler mechanics that they will be a cinch to fix. Modern cars have more wiring, electrical and they even have computers too, so a vintage car should be a piece of cake to fix ... right?


Vintage car troubleshooting is more complex than you might think. Because they have an entirely different system, much of what you have learned about modern car repair will be totally useless.

You will need to learn about the mechanical systems they used during the era your car was built to understand what is causing the problem and how to troubleshoot and repair your prized antique vehicle.

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, finding manuals for vintage car troubleshooting is a lot easier today than even a decade ago.

Find Vintage Car Parts And Manuals
On eBay & The Internet

With tons of information available online, you will be able to find a vintage car troubleshooting manual for your vehicle regardless of its year, make and model. In these websites, you will be able to properly learn how to diagnose a problem, just like what a mechanic would do (minus the hefty bill of course).

Most of these sites charge for their vintage car troubleshooting manuals but it is worth every penny. Even if you end out hiring a mechanic to perform the repairs, you might want to understand the process involved.

By reading through the troubleshooting manual for your vintage Ford, vintage Chevrolet or whatever make and model antique car you own, you will learn how to fix and troubleshoot problems in a jiffy while using some everyday items too, just until you can get a new part or do what is needed to be done to fully restore and fix the problem.

One of the best sources for vintage car manuals is eBay.

Every day, you will find new eBay auctions selling all manner of vintage car parts, memorabilia, troubleshooting and repair manuals, and even the full spectrum of hot rods and other vintage cars are sold directly on eBay.

Join Forums To Discuss Troubleshooting Vintage Cars

Also, many websites have forums that discuss troubleshooting vintage cars. Generally you will have to create a User ID and password to join a forum, and then log in with these particulars each time you want to post.

By joining the forums, you can post a question and many of its members would be able to provide you with some help or advice, or at the least direct you to somewhere where your problems may be fixed. 

Car parts can be expensive, whether you have a new car, a beater, or a valuable vintage car. If you keep on ignoring the problems that your car is experiencing, you may end up with a lot bigger problem to tackle. Also, because vintage car parts can be harder to find than newer  car parts, you'll want to take care to preserve the part you are using now.

Vintage Car Troubleshooting Manuals
And Tools To Keep You On The Road

If you want to forget getting your car towed, forget about paying huge fees and forget about all the hassles, arm yourself with knowledge and basic mechanics' tools.

Keeping a vintage car troubleshooting manual in your car will certainly help you in times of trouble. Add a complete tool set in your antique vehicle you don’t have to worry about your vintage car dying on you when you are proudly driving it around.

With the tools and proper knowledge in vintage car troubleshooting and repair, in two shakes you'll be back on the road, turning heads on the highway in your beautiful vintage car. 


Here are some suggestions and resources for supplies and guides to help find answers to your maintenance questions and challenges: